Equipment Rental Rates

ItemQuantity AvailableUnit Value (Each)Unit Rental (Each)
Fixed Leg Tables (8′ x 2′)80$25$2.00
Fixed Leg Benches (7′ x 12.5″)140$32$1.50
Folding Tables (7′ 2 3/4″ x 10 3/4″)147$65$4.50
Folding Benches (7′ 2 3/4″ x 10 3/4″)293$33$2.50
Folding Chairs (red padded)450$5$1.50
Folding Chairs (metal)400$4$1.00
Picnic Tables (7′ x 2′ 4 3/4″)
w/attached bench (7′ x 9″)
Coffee Pots (100 cup electric)4$35$8.00
Scaffolding Sets30$35$10.00
Beverage Bars22$100$20.00
Privacy Fench Skirts (6′ x 60′)85$125$15.00
14′ x 24′ Portable Stage
(renter pays for moving)
14′ x 30′ Portable Stage
(renter pays for moving)
11′ x 30′ Portable Stage
(renter pays for moving)
Portable Dance Floor
(Renter assembles & provides 2x4s)
Bleachers ($700 deposit)
(Renter pays for moving)
Ticket Booth Building (deposit $700)$300.00

Area churches may rent various benches and tables for their festivals and pay half-price or a negotiated rate based on length of time and assistance in loading.

To schedule equipment pick up and return, please call 858-248-1379. Or call the fair office at 507-354-2223 and leave a message.

Rental Agreement

Some items listed above may not be available for rent outside the fairgrounds. The Brown County Ag Society Board of Directors reserves the right to refuse rental to any and all parties.

Revised 4/2016